From a very early age I had a fascination with wind instruments, I studied books detailing everything from Cor anglais to Contra Bassoons.

After classical training on Clarinet I joined an Orchestra enjoying a few years performing and travelling during which time I discovered the Saxophone. This instrument with its edgy sound really grabbed me and opened up the Jazz/Rock side. I soon played in various 15 piece big bands at the same time enjoying the full power of this Horn performing solos in various groups. The next move was onto Flute and Alto Flute which gave a different texture alongside Irish Whistles of all shapes and sizes, from there I went on to enjoy playing Celtic rhythms adding the Uilleann Pipes.

At the moment I’ve been playing an EWI (Electronic Wind Synth) this has opened a whole new area of Wind playing with its 8 Octave range, midi compatibility and endless soundbanks.